Squire Cover.jpg

Iā€™m so thrilled to announce I will be writing SQUIRE, with art by Sara Alfageeh, for HarperCollins.

SQUIRE is a YA graphic novel set in a Middle Eastern-inspired fantasy world about a 14-year-old-girl, Aiza, who lives in an Empire wracked by famine and escalating border wars. Aiza dreams of becoming a knight, the most prestigious rank in the military, and the only way to elevate her status since her people, the Ornu, are second-class citizens in the Bayt-Saji Empire. Hiding her cultural background to train as a squire, she navigates the rigorous training that all knights undergo to test their mettle, making both friends and enemies in the process. However, everything falls apart after her friend gets badly injured during a raid and she uncovers a military conspiracy that threatens to keep the Empire in a state of perpetual war. Aiza will have to decide: turn her back on her morals and heritage, or turn her back on her dream and possibly, her only chance of freedom?

SQUIRE is currently slated for a Fall 2021 release. For more information, check out our press exclusive with ComicsBeat here. Scroll down to see the character designs revealed!