Nadia Shammas, is a comic book author and editor who mentions that she was born and raised in Brooklyn the normal amount. In 2016 she graduated with a BA in English Literature from Brooklyn College and has two Marvel Editorial Internships under her belt.

She currently works freelance, and has worked with notable comics talent such as Elliot Rahal, Ryan Cady, Matthew Erman, Marie Enger and Tini Howard.

In 2018 her first project, CORPUS: An Anthology of Bodily Ailments, was successfully funded through Kickstarter, raising over $30,000, and collecting stories from over 60 creators.

When Nadia isn’t writing, editing or trying to find room for her ever-growing comics collection, you can find her watching the Great British Bake off, trying to win the love of her cat, or planning her next food adventure in New York City.